FSP CAR120-19 Universal Notebook Air/Car Adapter

There is increasing popularity of notebook usage in cars, in applications such as satellite navigation or DVD viewing. Universal Notebook Air/Car Adapter from FSP Group provides a power solution for notebooks in aircrafts or automobiles. The Universal Notebook Air/Car Adapter further compliments FSP Group's wide range of mobile power solutions
FSP Group's Universal Notebook Air/CarAdapter (19V, 120W) is designed with convenience and compatibility in mind. With 6 interchangeable DC output jacks, the Universal Notebook Air/CarAdaptor is compatible with most models from popular notebook brands such as Compaq, Sony, Dell, IBM, Toshiba etc. FSP Group's strong background in OEM manufacturing guarantees the stability and high MTBF of all its products. With patented input fuse protection as well as complete circuit protection, it further ensuring complete protection for your notebook.
The flexibility of the Universal Notebook Air/CarAdapter provides users with the option to have use and recharge their notebooks whilst traveling on aircrafts or automobiles.

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