Targus Laser Presentation Remote

The Targus Laser Presentation Remote features a clear and intuitive button layout, making it easy to give presentations. Thanks to its 2.4GHz cordless technology, you'll be free to move around and control your Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple Keynote presentation remotely, without wires and cords getting in the way. The patent-pending KeyLock Technology locks non-essential buttons when not needed to help eliminate accidental button presses. The integrated laser pointer allows the presenter to highlight important content while the backlit buttons provide visibility in environments with low lighting.
The RF 2.4GHz cordless technology works from up to 15 meters away, providing flexibility while presenting in large conference rooms or classrooms. The mini USB receiver stores neatly inside the remote when it's not in use for added convenience, so it won't get lost or damaged. There's no need to worry about losing power part-way through your presentation. Should your AAA Energizer MAX battery run out, there is a back-up battery compartment where you can store a spare battery. Both stylish and functional, the Targus Presentation Remote is your essential tool in achieving seamless presentation results.


  • Functionality
  • KeyLock technology
  • Ergonomic
  • Wireless


  • Functionality
    Simplistic layout enables users to open and operate a presentation with ease. Laser pointer makes it easy to highlight presentation content while the back-lit buttons make it easy to present in rooms with low-lighting.
  • KeyLock technology
    Patent pending technology locks non-essential buttons to eliminate accidental button presses.
  • Ergonomic
    Ergonomic design feels comfortable in your hand while presenting.
  • Wireless
    Wireless technology operates up to 50 feet. away for added flexibility; USB receiver stores in presenter.
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