Cisco 2951 Voice Bundle

Cisco 2900- serien af Integrated Services Router tilbyder rich-media-tjenester, virtualisering af tjenester samt lavere TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) ved hjælp af lavt energiforbrug. Ideel til mellemstore implementeringer, hvor forretningssmidighed, WAN-fleksibilitet og en sikker form for samarbejde er et krav.


  • Services integration
  • Services on demand
  • Network agility
  • Energy efficiency
  • Investment protection


  • Services integration
    The Cisco 2900 series ISRs offer increased levels of services integration with voice, video, security, wireless, mobility, and data services, enabling greater efficiencies and cost savings.
  • Services on demand
    The Universal image contains all of the Cisco IOS technology sets which can be activated with a software license. This allows your business to quickly deploy advanced features without downloading a IOS image. Additionally, larger default memory is included to support the capabilities.
  • Network agility
    Designed to address customer business requirements, the Cisco 2900 series modular architecture offers increased capacity and performance as your network needs grow. Modular interfaces offer increased bandwidth, a diversity of connection options, and network resiliency.
  • Energy efficiency
    The Cisco 2900 series offers intelligent power management and allows the customer to control power to the modules based on the time of day. Cisco EnergyWise technology will be supported in the future. Services integration and modularity on a single platform performing multiple functions, optimizes raw materials consumption and energy usage.

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  • Cisco 2951 Voice Bundle
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