VMware vCenter ServerStandard ( Produktopgraderingslicens)

VMware vCenter ServerStandard ( Produktopgraderingslicens)

VMware vCenter Server Standard provides large scale management of VMware vSphere deployments for rapid provisioning, monitoring, orchestration, and control of virtual machines.


  • Scale up your virtual infrastructure to achieve the high levels of efficiency and automation
  • Drive down operating costs by organizing, monitoring and configuring your entire IT environment
  • VCenter Orchestrator gives administrators the tools to automate the environment
  • VCenter server linked mode enables a common inventory view across multiple vCenter Servers
  • A management server for provisioning, monitoring and configuring virtualized environments
  • A database server stores persistent configuration data and performance information
  • A search engine allows administrators to search the entire object inventory of multiple vCenter servers from one place
  • The vSphere client provides administrators a feature-rich console for vCenter servers simultaneously
  • The vCenter web access portal provides remote access from any system
  • VCenter APIs and a .NET Extension allow integration between vCenter server and other tools
  • Support customized plug-ins to the vSphere client


  • Proactive management of VMware vSphere
    A dynamic datacenter environment requires proactive management, with standardization and automation to get the most out of VMware vSphere's flexibility. Connecting business requirements to IT processes with streamlined and standardized workflows helps eliminate costly errors and reduces reliance on manual tasks. VMware vCenter Servers lets administrators rapidly provision VMs and hosts using standardized templates, and ensures compliance with vSphere host configurations and host and VM patch levels with automated remediation. With proactive management, VMware vCenter Server allows you to meet business requirements and improve service levels by dynamically provisioning services, allocating resources and automating high availability.
  • A scalable and extensible management platform
    As you extend virtualization across the datacenter, you need a management platform that can both scale to fit your organization and plug into your existing architecture. VMware vCenter Server enables efficient management of a large scale enterprise, giving you the ability to manage more than 1,000 hosts and up to 10,000 VMs from a single console. Additionally, VMware vCenter Server's open plug-in architecture supports a broad range of additional capabilities from VMware and its partners. More than 200 VMware partners directly integrate with vCenter Server, allowing you to easily extend the platform for more advanced management capability in areas such as capacity management, compliance management, business continuity and storage monitoring. The vCenter Server APIs also allow customers to integrate physical and virtual management tools, using their choice of enterprise management tools to connect to vCenter Server.
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