14-11-2014 Xbox One spil

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Genre Adventure,Role-playing (RPG) | Tema Horror,Thriller,Historical,Mystery | ESRB mærkning M | The Walking Dead: Season One,The Council: Complete Season
fra 192,64 kr.

Genre Adventure,Shooter,Tactical | Tema Horror,Action,Stealth,Open world | ESRB mærkning M | The Walking Dead: Season One,Hitman 6,HITMAN,Hitman
fra 170,00 kr.

Genre Platform,Role-playing (RPG),Simulator,Strategy,Adventure,Indie | Tema Action,Science fiction,Horror,Survival,Sandbox,Open world
fra 147,00 kr.

Genre Shooter,Tactical,Adventure | Tema Action,Stealth,Open world,Horror | ESRB mærkning M | Hitman 6,HITMAN,Hitman,The Walking Dead: Season One
fra 313,00 kr.